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ASME Code Pressure Vessels

ZT 15-22, ZR/ZT 30-45, ZR/ZT 22-37-55 VSD Oil-free rotary tooth compressors, 15-55 kW / 20-75 hp

Compressed Air Products, Inc.

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Air & Vacuum


CAP provides Vertical and Horizontal Air Receivers used in the Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump industries. All our standard Air Receivers can be built to higher pressures, with different nozzle sizes/types, and special supports. Contact us for special design quotations. We also offer a wide variety of custom designed pressure vessels used in many different industries.


Customer benefits


Receivers are a very important part of both supply and demand side of the system.
What are some of the advantages?
  • Acts as a free cooler separator
  • Optimize compressor controls
  • Unloaded BHP in positive displacement systems
  • Provides compressed air for intermittent demands on both supply and demand side
The physical volume of storage including pipe and receivers determines the rate and size of pressure change in the system as the demand for air varies. It also determines the efficiency of the air compressors when their controls are load and unload. In Variable Speed Drive Systems the ramp rate is softened and allows for precise pressure requirements.
Specialty Coatings
  • Shop PrimersEpoxy Coatings
  • EnamelGalvanized
  • FDA Approved coatings for potable water applications
  • {Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG)}
  • GTAW {Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)}
  • SMAW {Shielded Metal Arc Welding}
  • SAW {Submerged Arc Welding}
  • FCAW {Flux Cored Arc Welding}
  • Carbon Steels
  • Stainless Steels
  • Aluminum

Need a Custom Tank?

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Phone: 770-487-​9292

Fax: 678-668-7309

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