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Airend Rebuilding

Compressed Air Products supply cutstomers with a complete Airend Rebuilding Service. 
We carry and extensive line of competitive rebuilt
Contact us for your parts questions or requirements.

Compressed Air Products, Inc.

Phone: 770-487-9292

Fax: 678-668-7309


Atlas Copco 
Stationary Rebuild Pricing

At Compressed Air Products, Inc. we stock a large variety of intake filters, oil filters, air/oil separators, belts and other consumable parts. Whether OEM part are preferred or our high quality aftermarket brand, we can supply you with what you need.


  • Air/Oil Separators

  • Oil Filters

  • Intake Filters

  • Coalescer Filter Elements

  • Particulate Filter Elements

  • Line Strainers

  • Thermal Valve Kits

  • Blowdown Valve Kits

  • Oil/Water Separator Media

  • Auto Drains

Filter Element
Compressed Air Products Provides both OEM and aftermarket lubricants. CAP lubricants have been designed to meet or exceed all OEM specifications. Formulated for real world operating conditions, they provide an unsurpassed level or service, protection, performance, and fluid life. These products are designed to be completely top-off compatible with their equivalent OEM and aftermarket formulations. In addition to outstanding customer service, the following are available to our worldwide customer base:
  • Technical support on all lubricant related questions
  • Industry leading customer service
  • Customized lubricant development for most applications available upon request.
  • Break in Oil
  • Partial Synthetic Oil
  • Full Synthetic Oil
  • Premium Synthetic Oil
  • Food Grade Oil
  • Air Tool Oil
  • Grease
Roto Xtend Oil Lubricant
Roto Glide Grease
Compressed Air Products  can prrovide replacement parts, major overhaul kits and any individual components for customers tat prefer to repair their equipment In House. Compressed Air Products has access to all major manufactures. 


  • Safety Valves

  • Thermal Valve Kits

  • Blowdown Valve Kits

  • Fuses

  • Hoses

  • Motors

  • Coolers

  • Auto Drains

  • Starters

  • Contactors

  • Line Strainers

  • And more

Valve Kit
Unloader valve maintenance kit
Oil Stop Check valve maintenance kit
Oil Filter Separator Air Filter
Reciprocating Valve Kit
Replacement Parts/Rebuild Kits
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