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GA160 +- 315/GA 315 VSD: Oil-injected rotary screw compressors, 160-315 kW / 200-390 hp


Compressed Air Products, Inc.

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Brochure GA 160+-315 (VSD)

(2929kB, Pdf document) 

Atlas Copco’s GA 160+-315 (VSD) oil-injected rotary screw compressors are designed to boost the productivity in all demanding applications like cement, mining, power plants…. This universal performer delivers high quality compressed air at the lowest operating cost, even in the harshest conditions such as temperatures up to 46°C/115°F.

Customer benefits



  • Highest reliability – In our GA 160+-315, all components are selected to ensure a long, trouble-free operation. The compressors incorporate a superior oil-injected screw element based on innovative asymmetric rotor profiles and a generously sized cooling system for optimal operating temperatures. The advanced Elektronikon® controller ensures a full control and monitoring of all compressor inputs/outputs.


  • Reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions– The GA Series’ superior screw elements are designed to give the maximum air capacity for the lowest energy consumption. The outstanding element is powered by high efficiency electric motors, contributing to maximum compressor package efficiency. Beside this, the energy recovery option can offer additional energy savings by recovering the heat from the compressor and turning it into hot water. For ultimate savings, the GA 315 VSD can save an average of 35% of the cost by automatically adjusting the motor speed to the air demand.


  • Integrated air treatment – The GA Full Feature with highly energy-efficient integrated refrigerant dryer ensures the continuous supply of clean and dry air to extend the life of equipment, enhance system reliability and avoid costly downtime and production delays.


  • Service friendly – With the selection of long lifetime consumables, the GA 160+-315 provide the highest availability. All service parts are easy and safe to access through large opening doors. Service time is reduced to a minimum to further optimize the life cycle cost of the compressor.


  • Easy installation – The integrated design includes internal piping, coolers, motor, lubrication and control system: all supplied as a ready-to-use package. Installation is fault-free and commissioning time is low. Simply plug and run


Technical Data
Capacity FAD (cfm): 841 -1960 cfm
Working pressure: 80 - 203 psig
Installed motor power: 200 - 390 HP
Brochure GA 160+-315 (VSD)

(2929kB, Pdf document) 

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