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LS series: Commercial Piston Compressors, 1-20 hp

Compressed Air Products, Inc.

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Brochure LS/LPSeries

Looking for a durable, high-performance compressed air solution for your specific industrial application? Designed with the highest attention to quality, Atlas Copco’s LS/LP two-stage cast iron piston compressors stand for exceptional reliability and maximum productivity. 

The LS series two-stage, splash-lubricated is your standard compressor for industrial, automotive and commercial applications requiring up to 175 psig. 

The LP series two-stage pressure-lubricated compressor is engineered to deliver reliable results for applications that demand a continuous flow of compressed air. The LP offers high reliability and energy savings for the most demanding industrial, automotive and commercial applications. 


Features & benefits



  • Solid reliability – A one-piece aluminum head optimizes strength and dissipates heat, while an innovative valve design provides outstanding volumetric efficiency. 



  • Easy maintenance - From computer-aided design to computercontrolled machine tools, every LS and LP is a product of design excellence. Virtually maintenance free, every component is easily accessible. 



  • Flexible installation - The highly efficient LP and LP air compressors also offer a duplex design with dual compressor heads. This dual compressor design allows for lead-lag control in periods of high demand as well as spread workload across two compressors.


Brochure LS/LPSeries
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